The Cherokee nation of Indians is now a proud Diplomatic Partner with the IOEDF!                                                                         

The IOEDF is working closely with the Cherokee nation of Indians to bring funding to the forefront and help the North American Indigenous nations to prosper economically. Ambassador Walter Wayne Brown Jr and Ambassador Gary Lee Brummett have been invited to join the IOEDF Governors Board, as they have worked hard to bring several of the sovereign Indigenous Nations into the IOEDF.  The International Organization for Economic Development Funding sincerely thanks these gentlemen for their dedication and drive.

Ambassador Walter Wayne Brown Jr, and Deputy Ambassador Gary Lee Brummett are in close communication with other indiginous tribes world wide.                                                                                                                                       

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Bougainville Islands and the IOEDF

IOEDF is working closely with Bougainville Islands to develop the countries infrastructure and economy.  2013 and 2014 was a busy preparatory time and now in 2014, much is happening in the emerging nation of Bougainville.  
The Bougainville Kina has been introduced and is actively trading within the boundries of Bougainville.  The Bougainville Kina is backed by gold reserves in the Central Bank of Bougainville, which holds the gold reserves and issues licensing in the country and the Reserve Bank of Bougainville which actively seeks government relationships worldwide for the purpose of currency trade.
Governor General Webb and his wife Leigh visited Bougainville Islandss in October of 2014.  This was a pivital meeting for IOEDF and Bougainville, as many of the plans which have been developing over the past several years have now been launched.  The IOEDF mission has been dedicated and The Reserve Bank of Bougainville is now ready to break ground.
IOEDF is currently in country and preparing infrastructure development with contractors from the USA, China Singapore and many others as the country is quickly transitioning in it's status as a nation worldwide.
Plans are prepared for an international airport on the main island, a port for large vessels, energy development and industry.
Tonu City is growing daily and modernizing with every step.  This once war torn country is now stepping out in faith and coming together to rebuild the nation.
The Reserve Bank of Bougainville is licensed in Bougainville Islands for the purpose of the accumulation of properly registered and hallmarked gold reserves for the backing of the Bougainville Kina and the development of trade relationships with other sovereigns around the globe.   A new and modern banking and storage facility is being established on Bougainville for the proper secure storage of the gold reserves required for this task.

           We sincerely thank you for your interest in our exceptional organization and our recourse and non-recourse funding  opportunities. We assure you that you will be pleased with our abilities to serve you and your objectives.  IOEDF offers honesty, professionalism, integrity, as well as attractive funding terms that will speed up the funding process for your nations needs.

Unlike many prominent organizations and institutions which are available for funding and assistance, IOEDF does not structure our terms in order to ensnare your nation into a cycle of debt.  Our funding procedures are designed to reduce your debt and quickly free your nation from previous ensnarements. Because of this, IOEDF is unlike any other organization you have ever dealt with. Our goal is to help you and your nation to reach your greatest potential with the resources you already have. 

You can rest assured that IOEDF will always conduct our business activities with the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and commitment to excellence.  



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