About the IOEDF


In the days to come, a team of Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors for the IOEDF will be inviting the States to join us in developing a new world economic policy led by the IOEDF.

The co-ordinates of the Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors of the IOEDF (Representatives Residents) in charge of diplomatic and consular relations with the States will be communicated via web and phone in order to organize talks for the signature of the Headquarters Agreements between the IOEDF and these States. 

The IOEDF is an association created and operated by experts and economists world wide.  It coordinates the action of a committee of international experts gathered within the world organization of experts  attached to the IOEDF by a contract of approval.  It is governed by a "particular and extra territorial statute" which attaches it to the States.  The registered office of the IOEDF is located in Nevis and the headquarters is in Tampa, Florida, USA. 


·            To lead an economic policy of development, 
·            To mobilize the necessary capital for significant development of priority projects, 
·            To ensure the even distribution of modern economic growth to improve the life of the people, 
·            To ensure the adhesion of a broad international Public the policy of development of the IOEDF
·            To operate on the capital market, 
·            To define the Axes of co-operation.

The IOEDF is an association which gathers experts from all over the world who are in favor of instituting broad strokes of economic development.  It is attached to the States by the signature of a headquarters agreement. 

The IOEDF has a very significant structural capital which ensures its operation.  The Principal Bodies having made their appearance during his creation are:  

- the Council of the Governors, (CG) 
- the Board of directors, (CA) 

Then of technical bodies  (bodies of managements)

 - the Executive Cabinet of President (ECP), in charge for the operations of the IOEDF  
 - the Council of Directors (CD) including:

- Vice-presidencies.    
- the Legal Council intervenes as guard of the Treaties of the IOEDF

The distribution of the powers of the Institution is such as each member is responsible for one or several competences.  It falls to each person in charge in his field of competence, to inform the projects, the proposals and to defend them in front of the Directing Council, while taking care to apply the decisions of the IOEDF

One of the missions of the IOED is to make all the useful provisions to prevent the diversions of the funds assigned to the development.  This approach of use of the funds is done in a total preoccupation with an economic coherence.  
The IOED also coordinates the application of the programs of the development funds while setting up the mechanisms of monitoring of the investments and their follow-up in order to have the best output. 

The first strategy of the IOEDF in the States aims directly at the creation of jobs within the States: i.e. the exercise of generating economic activity of the resources of each citizen. 

The second strategy consists in fighting poverty. 

 The signature of the Headquarters agreement between the IOEDF and the States offers an effective protection to the investments brought by the IOEDF on the territory of the States partners. 

The effect of the diplomatic relations between the IOEDF and the States are ensured by the signature of the headquarters agreements.  These relations are primarily founded on economic and diplomatic considerations. 
The IOEDF is invested in a mission of development.  Its purposes are not that of simple commercial activity.
In my capacity as Executive President of the IOEDF I pray that GOD grants us success in the activities of development and the relationships which bind the IOEDF to the rest of the world. 

Governor General Barry K Webb